Monday, April 2, 2012

Hiding Movie Previews on an Apple TV

The Apple TV in an excellent resource for the elementary classroom for video viewing or for using the AirPlay capabilities of an iPad. However, young students may be distracted by the display of "Top Movie" posters that are displayed on the Movie section of the Apple TV menu. To make matters worse, the Apple TV will default to this view whenever you turn on the Apple TV or switch back to the menu screen.

With the newest Apple TV update (version 5.0 - 4099), the parental controls allow you to hide these movie previews so that they will not appear when you inevitable go to the Apple TV menu screen.

To hide the movie preview display, take the following steps:
MENU> Select the icon on the right called "Settings."
SETTINGS> Choose the "General" option by pressing the enter button.
GENERAL> Click down to "Parental Controls" and press enter.
PARENTAL CONTROLS> First you will need to turn on parental controls under the first option. Select a four digit code to secure the controls with. Be sure to make note of this code. You will have to enter the code twice before it is accepted.
PARENTAL CONTROLS> Once the parental controls are enabled, click all the way down to "Purchase & Rental". Press enter and you will have to enter your code. Once your code is in, you will still be on the Purchase & Rental menu item. Press the enter button on the remote till you see "HIDE" displayed. This is the setting you want to hide the movie previews. Press the menu button on the remote to return to the previous screens.

You may wish to look at some of the other parental controls in order to hide more options on the default menu.

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