Saturday, March 6, 2010

Using Google Chrome Extensions

Google announced in late January that the latest version of their Chrome browser would now handle extensions. Truth be told I have stayed away from using a lot of extensions in Firefox because I did not like the way it slowed down the browser. Since the main reason I use Chrome is to have a quick way of doing basic browsing, I was hesitant to start jumping into a bunch of extensions in this product either. But Google seems to emphasize speed over all else, so I decided to try a couple of the new extensions out.

Once you have the latest version downloaded, the extensions that can be installed are located at or by going to "Extensions" in the customize and control menu. I had recently started using "LastPass" for password management for web sites, so I was eager to install that in Chrome as well. During the past month, I have also installed "Chromed Bird", "Blog This!", "Remember the Milk for Gmail", and "RSS Subscription Extension Plus." After all of this I have not noticed any slowness in the browser or it locking up on me.

One curious thing is that the applications do not always tend to work immediately. Even with a restart to the browser or the computer, there are times where I am waiting for it to start working correctly. I have not found any information on line about this problem. In face, I installed the "Blog It" extension earlier today and still do not have access to the "Options" for this extension in the controls.

I am most pleased with the Remember the Milk extension. I am totally in Gmail now, but miss the convenience of tasks in Outlook. This gave me the ability to have my tasks in the same view as my email, which I find very useful.

Also I have gravitated to Chromed Bird as my most used Twitter client. I rebuilt my main computer during the past few weeks and have not felt a need to reinstall TweetDeck since the Chrome extension has worked so well.

Finally, I have found the RSS Subscription Extender is pretty useful to loading an RSS feed in to Google Reader. Though there are times when I need to look at actual RSS feed and I am not able to because the extension takes over and reformats things differently.

I am pleased with Google chrome and the extensions now available make the experience even better!

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